Connect and Enjoy Endless Possibilities With the Jeep Cherokee

With all of the talk about the interior of the Jeep Cherokee, there is one thing that needs to be addressed with the new model. Yes, we're talking about one of the features that will take your ride to the highest level possible when it comes to the enjoyment of your ride.

One major feature of the new Jeep Cherokee is the UConnect system. This allows you to connect your mobile phone with the vehicle and gain access to apps. Among the modes that are available is Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. These modes allow you to access the apps from your device and enjoy many different features such as navigation and entertainment.

One of the good features that enhance the UConnect feature is the touchscreen. You have the choice of a 7-inch touchscreen or 8-inch touchscreen. You also get features such as Sirius XM and Bluetooth capability.



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