Dodge Durango - When You Want Power and Fuel Economy

When choosing a vehicle, what is more important? Is it fuel efficiency, performance or power? When you get the Dodge Durango, a popular mid-size SUV, you’re getting a powerful vehicle that performs great and offers great fuel efficiency. We have several models of the new Durango if you’d like to check them out and see what they all have to offer.

The Dodge Durango, which offers a choice of different fuel-efficient engines, can go a long way on a little gas. Even with the V8 engine, you can travel 500 miles on one tank of gas. The computer-aided engineering that went into its design recycles the heat energy to provide even more fuel efficiency.

We invite you to come to the dealership and take the Dodge Durango out for a test drive. You’ll be amazed at its many technology-based features designed to provide a superb ride on very little fuel.



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