What are Manual Shift Transfer Cases?

If you drive a car, truck or SUV that is capable of changing its drive configuration from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive, your vehicle likely contains a device called a transfer case. Transfer cases are special pieces of hardware that attach either directly or indirectly to car or truck transmissions. During normal car operations, the main transmission sends power to either the front or the rear tires. When transfer cases come online, they use some of the power from the transmission to route power to all 4-wheels. This capability provides drivers like you with on-demand 4-wheel drive service.

Manual shift cases require the driver to manually engage their transfer cases in order to enjoy the benefits of full 4-wheel drive power. Some types of manual cases allow drivers to shift from regular gearing to high-gearing without stopping, but they may also require drivers to stop their vehicles in order to engage low-gear ranges. Transfer cases are sensitive pieces of machinery, and they need regular servicing. Here at our facility in the Rogersville, TN area, our certified and skilled transmission experts can help you to keep your transfer case in good condition. For a no-obligation conversation with our auto service experts, swing by Rogersville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today.

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