How to Avoid an Accident When You Have a Tire Blowout

The best way to prevent a tire blowout is by routinely taking care of your tires. That means getting them rotated, balanced, and maintaining proper tire pressure. But, sometimes blowouts are unavoidable and it's best to be informed on what to do if one occurs. Below are some tips on how to handle a tire blowout:

  • First thing you should do is remain calm and do nothing. Allow your car to go without your intervention. Just grip the steering wheel firmly and steer straight.
  • You should then gently give your car a little gas. This will help your car keep a forward momentum and you will be able to gain control of the car.
  • Determine on which tire or side of the car the blowout occurred.
  • Gradually allow your car to slow down. Smoothly ease off of the accelerator and keep driving straight. Don't press the brakes too much or else you might cause a spin out.
  • Once you've slowed down to an appropriate speed pull over on the side of the road, preferably on the side of the blown tire so that no one's fixing a tire in oncoming traffic.
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