Using Food to Keep You Awake While Driving

It's normal to get sleepy when driving long distances, especially at night. Below are some ways you can use food and drinks to help keep you awake while driving.

  • Keep small snacks on hand. One hundred calories snacks will help keep you alert and fight fatigue. Make sure you're snack isn't too heavy or else you will crash. A healthy 100 calorie snack is just what you'll need.
  • Drink some caffeine while driving. Drinking a cup of coffee is enough to wake you up and keep you alert until you reach your destination. If you start feeling drowsy find a gas station along the way and grab a cup of coffee.
  • Chewing gum does more than freshen your breath, when driving it helps keep you awake. Chewing gum gives you something to focus on and keeps your mouth occupied. When you start feeling drowsy just pop in a piece of sugar-free gum.
  • If you have to pull over and grab a meal make sure you keep your portion small. Eating large portions of food may cause you to crash late and become drowsy. Keep your meals and snacks small and you will stay energized.
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