How to Restore Your Headlights

Headlights can get foggy and yellow with time, reducing their brightness. The polycarbonate plastic that many headlights are made out of can degrade over time. The good qualities of polycarbonate are that it’s resistant to scratches and cracks. You can remedy this by first taping off the area.

Install extra light fixtures: In order to restore your headlights, you’ll be using materials that are damaging to chrome. Sand in one direction using grit paper that has soaked in cold water. Keep the headlight wet. Then spend about ten minutes polishing with a compound on each headlight.

Wax with paste as the next step. This will keep dirt and acid rain off of the lens. The final step is to add a UV protective layer to prevent the haziness from developing too quickly.

Install better headlight enclosures: You can restore your headlights while they’re on your vehicle or you can remove them. If you remove your headlights to restore them, be sure they line up and are level.

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